You like to tickle your nerves with terrible stories, then go ahead, to this uneasy and horrific game in the genre of horror. Slenderino - this is an online video game, play which you like all the horror fans. All the events here take place in a gloomy dark cellar, along the corridors of which flies the ghost of a long-dead girl.

Your goal in Slenderino is to find eight old books, they can be in any of the rooms of a huge dungeon. In addition, that you will constantly be hunting a terrible ghost, the task is complicated by the fact that some of the basement’s rooms are closed. In order to unlock them - look for the keys to the exit, they can be anywhere: in any locker or nightstand. Search them and move forward.

Remember that once you click on the start, the gate for your hero will close, and you can only get to the surface by going through the entire labyrinth from beginning to end. Choose in Slenderino the safest way, avoid meeting with a poltergeist, if he overtakes you, you will have to start the task first. The ghost has the ability to take any form, to decrease in size or to soar in the air, always be on the alert and success will not keep you waiting. Control is simple and is done by a computer mouse or arrows.

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