Bright colors, unforgettable emotions guarantee you this miracle cube. Game - here you can draw and compete with friends. This time, each player is given his own cube, which moves along the playing surface, leaving behind a color track. The main goal is to paint most of the surface for the allocated time. The gap is very small, only 90 seconds. But during this time you can gain experience. It persists even after the end of the round and gradually grows.

The game Slimes io at a certain stage allows you to move to a new level. Here your cube becomes larger in size and gets the opportunity to destroy the weaker and smaller rivals. If a newcomer appears nearby, he can be overtaken and crushed by his mass. On this place there will be a bright spot of your color. But if the enemy is more, he should beware, otherwise you can very quickly become his victim.

Slimesio will teach you how to act quickly and vigorously. There’s no time to swing and think about options. Special artistic skills will also not be required. It is enough to paint the largest part of the allocated space with your cube. As a result, in percentage terms, the leader will be visible. Control: mouse.

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