Slink io |

Manage your own snake fun and entertaining. Slink io is an amazing snake adventure in the midst of a whole kingdom of reptiles. Each player receives his own serpent, which must be raised, fed, protected and cherished.

It eats with multi-colored dots, the more it eats, the longer and more it becomes. This means that you can not be afraid of competitors, and most hunt for smaller snakes.

The game Slink io has great opportunities for growth and improvement of their skills. If at the initial stage you can get by eating colored dots, then you will have to fight with other snakes. Each snake destroyed adds points and increases rating. In this case, you need to be careful and cautious. You can not get close to the edges of the map. Hitting about him, you can die.

Slink io is the art of maneuvering. We’ll have to bypass obstacles, collect food, hunt opponents and at the same time keep your head. She is very vulnerable. One has only to bump his head into another snake, as you say goodbye to life, breaking up into separate balls. Management is very simple and convenient. Your ward moves for a mouse, and accelerates with the help of the left mouse click.

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