The game is a new version of the old This is a battle between hundreds of players online, and everyone wants to be the biggest. Against you people play and so you have to collect food to grow and survive. Be sure to collect points of mass, the faster you will grow the better. Management: it’s no easier, the worm moves behind the cursor. Click or space to accelerate, but it requires weight points, speed is the biggest advantage.

On the screen in, as in many games, there is a clearly limited zone. But you will not rest against the end of the playing field, as it happens. And the next thing will happen, if the worm hits the red area, the game will be over, the maximum that can be allowed is to hit the tail. Also avoid collision with enemies, otherwise you will die. And vice versa, try to let others crash into you, then they will die, and their mass as a bonus, will drop out in the form of red dots.

When you are big, attack. A very good device, take the enemy in a ring, from there he will not get out. And after it is destroyed, you can eat what’s left of the worm. Likewise, avoid more than you, otherwise you will almost always be defeated. The game lasts until the last survivor, their number is in the upper right corner.

Alternative name: Slither Royale io

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