Hooray! Snake is back! A new game called MLG will allow you to create your own snake from options such as Angry Bird and Nyan Cat. Funny creatures, simultaneously similar to slug and famous heroes of popular toys, plow the playing space. Your goal is to devour rivals and grow. But in order to compete in the arena, you need to eat objects such as Mountain Dews and Doritos, to grow your ward for the upcoming battles. You can use a variety of tactics and means to achieve victory. For example, block your opponent’s body and then destroy it.

It uses the musical and sound effects of MLG, which entertain and cheer up. There is also the possibility to use acceleration, although this may lead to the loss of some mass. You’ll play with the mouse, and with the left button speed up. The game MLG will bring a lot of joy and pleasure to all fans of ioshny multiplayer.

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