Space Wars io |

Going into space and start fighting for the galaxy - this chance falls out infrequently. Game - space adventure. 3D graphics, wonderful models of spaceships, fierce battles - all this is with an excess. Choose your ship and join the intergalactic battle. There are plenty of rivals. The space is just full of combat vehicles. War in space is difficult, but interesting. The main thing - to destroy enemies, until they got to you.

Space Wars io game is not only competitors who are trying to shoot down your spaceship, but also asteroids that are blocking the path. It is necessary to distract from the enemy and cease to monitor the environment, as soon as you get damage from some celestial body. Meteorites and asteroids are no less dangerous than enemy ships.

Space is quite an original sequel to star wars. Here everything is against all, and the strongest wins. To dominate interstellar space, you need to be the fastest, most effective and successful player. The more enemies in your personal account, the higher the rating and place in the top. Control: movement - mouse, shooting - left mouse button.

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