Today we again go to conquer the boundless cosmos. The new i game "" is a star wars in full scale. Manage your ship and destroy the competitors. Turn asteroids and enemy starships into cosmic dust. Collect it to upgrade your transport and dominate the interstellar arena. To navigate the game surface, use the mouse.

Remember that your speed depends on the distance between your boat and the cursor. Span is accelerating. Left mouse button shoot standard lasers, and right - activate additional weapons, which must first be found and purchased first. First, avoid collisions with the enemy, look for weapons and auxiliary devices.

Attack the enemy from behind, until he saw the danger. If you have a laser cannon or a rocket - you’re the boss. Play should be so as to gain the maximum number of points and to master the most powerful gun. The game «» is a multiplayer shooter, which you will definitely like. Call friends and make real battles in the struggle for primacy.

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