Learn how to pike here can be without problems. The game Spearz.io performed in the best traditions of multiplayer of this genre. The main goal is simple — to climb to the top of the top of the best players. You can do this by collecting points in any accessible way. There is an opportunity to collect multi—colored points, which are scattered over the game space, or to hunt their fellow tribesmen.

Play Spearz io develops accuracy and speed of reaction. The enemy needs to catch up and catch at the right time. The more experience and skill, the better the result. Those guys who are skilled in these toys, this task will be quite possible. If you had to play for the first time, then even the first failure is just the beginning, with time the skill and experience will come. Training, competition and excitement are the keys to success.

Spearzio — great entertainment, where you can chat with other fans of io—games, find new friends. Here, everyone is free to choose his own tactics and strategies that will help achieve the goal. Destroying the enemy, you can raise your rating quite quickly, but when collecting nutritious crumbs will take a lot of time. Rather, your ward will be killed, than he will find the balls he needs. Move the mouse, throw — left click.

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