The popular spinning spinner is now available in multiplayer mode. The new game "Spinz.io" combines such famous toys as Fidget Spinners, Agar.io and Slither. First, choose your kind of turntable, come up with a nickname, and forward - into the arena. Spin around the playing field, collect multicolored points, increase the number of points scored. The higher your rating, the faster your spinner rotates. Faced with your competitors, take their mass and rise to the top.

You will play with the mouse to move, and while holding the left button, you can increase the speed using mass fuel. The game "Spinz.io" is a multiplayer strategy where you can and should defeat the opponent with intelligence and ingenuity. Move on the map, apply a combo blow, pushing the players together. Pleasant rest and entertainment. Call your friends and find out which of you is stronger.

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