Many guys like chess, checkers, backgammon, but always want something new and more original. Squarecraft.io is a multiplayer strategy where you can not do without logical thinking and fantasy. The action takes place on the map, where the armies of players are fighting among themselves online. The main task is to capture the opponent’s flags. The one who will manage to capture the first 20, wins in this fight. At the same time, you can not leave your own base unattended, otherwise all captured flags will go to the account of the one who took possession of it.

Squarecraft io is translated as the construction of squares. And there is. Before you start playing, you need to read the instructions and learn the rules. Each player has his own units, which can be used to protect the base. It is very important not to lose control over your territory, carried away by attacking your competitors.

Squarecraft.io also has special towers that are placed on the map. Each of them has unique properties that will help in the fight against the enemy. Some of them open a wider and more distant view, while others generate profits. To take the tower, you need to put on it your fighter and press the R key. He will guard it, and the rest of the army will go ahead. Control: WASD - movement, E - fighter’s choice, R - split the army by clicking on the cage, put the defense.

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