Star Puzzle io | Star Puzzle

Those who love puzzles today are waiting for a real surprise. Star Puzzle io game is designed for logic, speed and ingenuity. Compete with friends online or with computer bots will be interesting and exciting. The challenge is to line up the stars during the round. Who will be faster and faster than his rival, he will be the winner.

Star Puzzle io game will allow you to score points, earn bonuses and even receive real fireworks as a reward. In addition, you can accumulate a special superpower. You can see its size on the screen on the right. To take advantage of all the opportunities provided, it is necessary to thoroughly move your brains. The main thing is not to think too long, the time of the round expires very quickly. You can play in three different modes: alone, with a computer or with friends on the network.

Star Puzzle io is an exciting and original multiplayer. To lead in the ranking, you need to score the maximum number of points. Each row should consist of stars of the same color. The one who manages to create the longest chain gets the maximum number of points, and this is a serious bid to win. Control: move the mouse and mix the stars.

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