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It turns out you can control not only tanks and aircraft, but also the forces of the elements. The game Storm io opens up new opportunities that arise when nature obeys man. The main task is to turn a small whirlwind into a terrible hurricane that sweeps away everything in its path. The more he draws various objects into himself, the more powerful he becomes. He does not care who will be the next victim and disappear into his funnel. These can be people and animals, buildings and cars.

The Storm io game is different from other similar ones. Here, hostile tornadoes and real tornadoes rush along the playing surface, competing with each other in their destructive power. The number of points and the place in the rating depends on the number of destroyed objects. But that’s not all. Having increased your power, you can begin to hunt for competitors.

Storm io attacks small tornadoes, absorbs them and earns additional bonuses. It should be remembered that the time of each round is limited. The timer ticks and counts seconds. At the end of the selected time interval, the main result is summarized. It is necessary for this time to grow faster and more than rivals, the only way is to rise in the ranking and win points. Control: hurricane moves over the mouse.

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