Hooray! Spinners in the world of IO! The game "" is a variation on the theme of the famous Agario, but with a turntable. Here you do not have to twist it alone, improving your skills. Welcome to the world community!

Assign a nickname to your toy and go to the battle arena. Now you need not only to turn around, but also gain weight and absorb your enemies. To increase yourself and increase speed, pick up colored crystals that are scattered all over the surface. But beware of the more powerful enemy, since the collision with him will surely kill you.

To become steeper and stronger, face a weaker competitor and collect the stones that fell out of him. You can use acceleration, but keep in mind that this is due to the loss of its own volume. It’s fun and fun. Manage krutilka will be a mouse, and speed up with a left click. The game "" - gives a second life is not a new, but still relevant Agario. Call friends and come off in full.

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