Talking Tom Jetski 2

We hasten to please all fans of popular games about the adventures of a cheerful and mischievous kitten named Tom. In Talking Tom Jetski 2 you will meet a new meeting with long-loved characters: Thomas, Angela, Ryzhik and Ben. This time the cheerful company went on vacation on exotic tropical islands and their favorite occupation was racing on water quad bikes.

You have to take part in the stages and compete for the main prize - a large chest with gifts. In this chest can be anything: various details for your swimming equipment, bonuses, accelerators and even more powerful quad bikes. Agree that you can compete for such a reward!

The duration of each round of Talking Tom Jetski 2 is small. At the same time, several participants are battling, but only one will be the winner. The player who will be able to overcome all obstacles: trampolines, slides, whirlpools, gates, and will come to the finish line first. On the way collect all the gold coins, for them you can buy a decor and decorate all the surrounding space to your liking. Be dexterous and skill, and victory will definitely be in your hands.

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