The Deadly Dungeons of Baron Backslash

A fascinating pixel online game in the RPG genre will entice you from the first minutes of the passage. The Deadly Dungeons of Baron Backslash is completely new and still under development, but has already found many fans. You will find a lot of tasks, evil enemies and difficult to navigate locations. Do not think that it will cope with all the tasks, it will be easy, from the first attempt to reach the finish it will be only among the units.

All the event in The Deadly Dungeons of Baron Backslash unfolds in the dark and gloomy dungeons that the evil and cruel Baron Baxcle built. Your character is a brave knight, whom the villain imprisoned in one of the dungeons. Waiting for death your warrior does not intend, so he must escape from imprisonment. All corridors and rooms are full of dangers, there are many guards and monsters, your goal is to defeat them all, avoid all the traps set and get free.

The stock of lives in The Deadly Dungeons of Baron Backslash is small, so you need to behave carefully, pondering each step. Weapons in the beginning there, and it will have to be found in barrels, boxes and hiding places. After the death of each enemy you destroyed, the hearts remain on the floor, pick them up, they will bring experience and restore the soldier after being wounded. Control is simple: arrows, ASDW keys, computer mouse.

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