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Air battles do not leave anyone indifferent. Thunderdogs io game is a chance to become not only an ace pilot, but also to defeat your enemies. A brand-new plane is waiting for its owner. Get behind the wheel, and forward, towards danger and victories. The main goal — the destruction of the enemy in the air. The more downed enemy aircraft, the more points in the account points.

The game Thunderdogs io has many opportunities for development. Earned points can be allowed to upgrade your combat vehicle, improve performance and purchase a more advanced model. Wonderful skins make the battlefield image bright and colorful. During the battle, you can increase your level and skill. With their passage increases firepower and survival. Initially, there is a machine that can pierce through an opponent.

Thunderdogs io is not only aircraft, but also other items that are beneficial or harmful. Among them are volcanic bombs that are very dangerous. There are also melting glaciers that are completely neutral. Finding a suitcase with weapons or bones will allow you to rise to a new level. Control: movement — keyboard arrows, forward arrow — attack with acceleration, left click — normal shots.

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