Tornado io |

Managing your own whirlwind and forcing him to obey his will is a real fantasy. Tornado io is a unique chance to become part of nature itself. The main goal is to grow to a huge and powerful whirlwind, which draws in everything that it encounters on its way. Points are given for each victim consumed. The one who has more of them takes the lead. It’s very easy to play. It is only necessary to move on the map in the direction where there are more populated places.

Tornado io is a tough competition for the right to be called a hurricane. If you tighten everyone in a row and do it faster than your opponent, you can quickly raise your rating and get to the top. Do not immediately chase the competitors, for a start it is better to gain strength and power. The greater the size of the vortex, the more dangerous it is for rivals.

Tornado io is an interesting and original multiplayer, where everyone has equal chances, but the strongest wins. To win, you need to carefully plan your actions, develop tactics, think out a strategy. If you managed to get to the densely populated area, it is better not to leave until you get into everything that is nearby. So you can grow to a huge scale and become a real threat to other players. Control: a tornado moves after the mouse.

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