Tro Land io |

Trolls continue to conquer new territories. The game will make you not only laugh, but also think. The main goal - to destroy competitors. How to do it, choose it yourself. You can drown, push, drop down, shoot or kill in any other way. The choice of killings is very diverse. In addition, each option is a separate reason to laugh. Count only on weapons is not worth it. Each copy has only three rounds.

The game Tro Land io is designed for smart guys and girls with a sense of humor. Fighting rivals can be simple, but insidious. If you put the bandwagon, your enemy will lose balance and fall. When it is pushed sharply on the bridge, it will definitely fall into the water. It will not be superfluous to remind you that when taking a weapon the previous booster loses its strength Therefore, if you are invisible, it is not necessary to grab a gun, because then you will immediately lose your advantage. will appeal to those who know how to laugh at others and at themselves. If you have a bomb in your hands that is about to explode, pass it on to another. So you will save yourself and get rid of the opponent. In the course you will learn a lot more cunning and funny tricks. Control: WASD - movement, Q - shoot.

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