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Agar.io laurels haunt his followers. The Ultrex io game is another mod. No matter how many variations, each of them has something unique. It happened here. The beginning is quite ordinary, but there is one very important nuance to which attention should be paid. All participants are huge cells. They are very slow and clumsy. To activate his ward, it must be divided. It will get accelerated and move sharply in the right direction, after which it can merge again.

Ultrex io is all about rivalry and the absorption of smaller enemies. Only now have to act unusual methods. The more rivals you manage to trick and eat, the higher the rating and place in the top. There are many tricks and ways to lure an adversary into a trap and gobble up. But you can not relax yourself. The enemy is also looking for the weakest link to get closer, and then swallow everyone.

Ultrex io will appeal not only to beginners who have logged in for the first time, but also to those guys who have grown up in io-games. In any case, the bright skins of popular characters cheer and deliver maximum pleasure. There is a time and place for experiments. Each player can come up with his own tactics and win here. Control: movement - mouse, space, A / D divided into parts.

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