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Today we are waiting for a trip to the world of ghosts. Unlit io game is an entertaining shooter where an electric torch light is used instead of a weapon. This is not surprising. After all, everyone knows that ghosts are terribly afraid of the bright rays of the sun and disappear without a trace with the onset of morning. The same effect from the usual lantern. Enough to illuminate your opponent well enough, as in a few seconds he will literally dissolve into the air.

Unlit io game is a bit funny and funny. You can play for different characters, changing their skins. You should not get involved in the hunt for ghosts, you need to restore your own strength as well. To recover, it is necessary after each fight to go to a dark place, not forgetting to turn off your lantern. Having accumulated some energy, you can continue the fight.

Unlit io is not like other games. The original plot, cute characters and tough competition. The winner is the one who will act thoughtfully, to monitor the level of health and not lose sight of the enemy. You do not need to relax and forget that your opponents are also chasing you, to light up, score points and get to the top. Control: mouse - move, left click - turn on or off the flashlight.

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