The game "Voxar.io" is your chance to create and create three-dimensional art objects together. What does that require? Only a computer and the Internet! Choose your nickname, and start playing! A huge 3D space will accommodate all comers and open almost unlimited possibilities.

To build with friends, it’s enough to copy your address with unique coordinates. It is not difficult to do this. Click on the icon on the right, and you will get a link. Do not be afraid that after you leave the game mode, your buildings and buildings will be destroyed. Everything will remain the same, and at the next entrance you will be able to finish your work of art.

The building material is cubes of various colors and shades. Mouse control. At the bottom of the screen is the toolbar. Take the desired cube with a pipette. The game "Voxar.io" is an excellent multiplayer, which opens the way to collective creativity, uniting players from different countries and continents.

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