Today, every player will have at his disposal a real robot. The game Warbot.io - a deadly battle of mechanical beings, controlled by the human intellect. 3D graphics allow you to feel the whole volume and realism of what is happening on the screen. For the beginning, only access to the simplest bots is available, but there is a possibility to unlock other characters. To do this, it is enough to accumulate a certain amount of money, participating in fights and collecting gold coins.

The Warbot io game also has some tricky tricks that help to get extra bonuses. On the playing field now and then there are little robots, they can be blown up. After undermining of them, you can get armor, shield and other improvements. You have to be extremely careful, continuing your battle. There is a danger of stumbling and falling into the abyss, after such a fall it is impossible to survive.

Warbotio allows you to shoot fairly accurately, using the ability to guide using the arrow keys of the keyboard. Once the scope turns red, you need to shoot. Control the movement of the keys WASD, aiming arrows to the right and left, shooting - the arrow up. Multiplayer mode gives a chance to test your strengths and abilities in a virtual battle with real players. Becoming the best of them is nice and honorable.

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