Each of the participants in this battle will have to fight and survive. The game Warfronts.io — shooter with different players. The main goal — the destruction of rivals and survival. Last one left on the battlefield, he won. During the fight, you need to remember that the territory is constantly shrinking, the space is getting smaller, and the enemies are inexorably approaching. The fighters are parachuted at a certain point. There is almost no time left for the buildup; the enemy can be at any angle.

The game Warfronts.io will provide an opportunity to find weapons, but at first the fighter has nothing but his own fists. If we succeed in repelling the first attack, then we can arm ourselves. In the arsenal there are powerful guns that can inflict a crushing blow to the enemy. Since the action takes place on an alien planet, there is only a certain habitat, which is indicated by the radar.

War Fronts has many tactics and coping strategies. Each player is free to choose their own path to victory. However, it is necessary to act quickly, until the habitable surface has shrunk to a minimum, as well as be quick to arm, so as not to die of the shots of competitors. Control: WASD keys — movement, left mouse click — attack.

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