Watr Fun.io

Today we have to tack between obstacles and survive. Game Watr Fun.io-This is your chance to become the fastest and most agile, moving on the water surface. This is not a race to speed, where you need to quickly reach the finish line. Here you have to learn to maneuver between beautiful flowers on the water to collect points and raise their rating. Destroying such a water lily and collecting stars, you can earn decent balls. But it is much more profitable to destroy opponents.

The game Watr Funio is a traditional multiplayer, where the main task is to rise in the top and exit in the leaders. You need to hunt the competitors and beware of the most unexpected attacks of the enemy. Even crashing into a water lily, you can get deadly damage and leave the playground. Here survives only the most Provident player who has enough experience in such confrontation.

Watrfun io is incredibly bright and colorful multiplayer, which will surely appeal to everyone without exception. Competition is going to be fierce and tough. Playing is simple, but it is very difficult to win. If there is a desire to confirm the status of the best player, then do not delay a second. The more practice, the more chances to win. Control: Keyboard arrows or WASD-motion, Ctrl-attack.

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