Fun game "" a bit like Flappy Bird, but only because here, too, have to deal with birds. Although the choice of characters is very large and available at the very beginning. It can be, as a diverse bird, and the most fantastic creatures and flying mechanisms.

Having decided with your hero you find yourself in a multi-level world with many obstacles and start playing with your colleagues and rivals. Here there are battles between two teams: red and blue, and, compete to twenty players simultaneously with each side. There is a system of bonuses that are assigned for the seizure of new territories. The struggle is fought for the enemy flag. Stolen from opponents, he practically guarantees victory in the next round.

If at first your strength is small, then in time you can raise your level. You can improve your performance with potions. Yellow gives a temporary advantage, and green increases the health reserve, which allows you to increase the speed. There are also invisibility, protective bubbles and much more. The game «» is an excellent multiplayer, which is being improved and developing.

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