Another mix of popular multiplayer online games in one. Wire.io very much resembles loved all worms, it’s not only necessary to kill your rivals, but also to occupy free territories, and to seize those already occupied by other players. The number of opponents is large, so that the scrum will be exciting and tense.

Before the start, Wire.io gives each participant of his worm a certain color range, if he captures a certain playing area, it will turn into its color. Initially, the character is rather weak, so he can only assign no-draw, white squares, he will be able to pass to attacks on foreign lands only after he accumulates enough forces and will increase in size.

In order to accumulate experience and increase your hero in Wire.io, you should also look for precious stones on the map, there are not so many of them, so you have a huge competition, or you can kill opponents. Moving, be extremely cautious, shy away from rivals, cut them and lure them into traps. Kill the enemy simply: it’s enough that he bumped his head into the body of your snake. It’s true that if you stumble upon an outsider by inaccuracy or you hook your head with his head, a loss is guaranteed. By the way, the one who can capture the entire location and repaint it in its color, will be the winner of the whole match.

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