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Militant snakes are returning fully armed. The game Wormo io is an updated Slither io with shooting snakes. Today is expected to be a massacre. Now you can not only grow your tail, but also shoot competitors. As before, the main goal is to score more points than your opponents and get to the top. To earn them, you will have to either collect the balls scattered all over the playing surface for a long time and persistently, or hunt for your own kind. By killing an opponent, you can collect all that is left of him and raise your rating much sooner.

The game Wormo io is a real snake shooter where it wins the fastest and quickest. Killing an enemy from the first shot is unlikely to work, especially if it is large. But after a few successful hits, nobody usually survives. Just do not relax. Each player is both a hunter and a potential victim.

Wormo io will require new skills that will allow you to quickly navigate the terrain, handle your own tail, and in addition — shoot straight at the enemy. If you cannot get into the leaders immediately, then with the acquired experience — everything will certainly work out. Control: the snake moves for a mouse, left click or space bar — shooting, hold down the mouse button — accelerate.

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