Worms zone.io

Creeping snakes and worms firmly and permanently took a place in multiplayer. The game Worms zone.io has absorbed all the previous options, improving and complementing each of them. There are many features here. First, the number of objects suitable for eating has expanded. This is a fun emoji, and a variety of boosters, which will give an additional advantage over other players. Secondly, if your warder hits his opponent in the head, or falls outside the playing field, he will break up into parts of the absorbed food. At this point, everyone is attacking the free food, through which you can score points and grow.

The game Worms zone io has a lot of tricks in order to get ahead of its rivals and get to the top. It should be remembered that excessive weight gives not only an advantage, but complicates the movement and struggle. Manage a huge wriggling monster is much more complicated than a small worm. Acceleration, too, must be used wisely. You can not calculate, hit and die.

Wormszoneio will have three game modes: Classic, Execution and No Borders. The main task in each of them remains the same, only the nuances differ. To test your strength and become a leader is not an easy task. But for stubborn and persistent guys there are no barriers. Motion control — mouse, acceleration — left click.

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