A modern metropolis with high rise buildings, roads, traffic lights was attacked by mysterious black holes. The game Yumy.io will give each player their own hole, in which not only traffic lights, lanterns and road signs fit, but high rise buildings. Begin more with small objects, gradually growing in size and becoming all voracious and dangerous. It’s a little eerie to see huge buildings and structures being drawn into nowhere. But it allows you to feel your own power.

The game Yumy io consists of three modes. Each has its own nuances and features. In the classical, competition with other participants continues. Time is allocated for about two minutes. The winner is the one who has time to build up a large mass. The next mode is survival. You can play as long as you want, until you compete. And the last option allows everyone to prove who is the coolest player here.

Yumyio is controlled by the mouse. Excellent three dimensional graphics, realistic models of residential buildings and other structures, clear boundaries of quarters, roads — all this is incredibly interesting and exciting. Your hole differs from the others only in its outline. To absorb an object, you need to approach it and wait for some time until it gets dragged inside.

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