Sports - this is love for life, and not so important real or virtual. The game Zoccer.io - this is the chance to become a cool football player, scoring goals in the opponent’s goal. Although this is multiplayer, but playing in a crowd on the football field will not work. But this is both logical and just. In each half, three athletes participate. At the same time one of them is a goalkeeper, and two are folded and beat on goal. To win the match, you need to accurately hit the target. In order to strike from the chosen position, you need to coordinate your actions with another member of the team.

The Zoccer io game is a kind of virtual football, which also has the right to exist. Join and show your abilities. In order to break out into the leaders, you need to be as focused as possible, do not relax and do not lose control of the ball. Each player can achieve success if they pass a small stage of training.

Zoccerio allows you to carefully work out the scheme of attack and only then beat or pass to a friend. The capabilities of athletes are wide enough. Here you can jump, get the ball in the air and even stop it in motion. Control: WASD keys - movement, left click - ular, right - stop, E - pass, Shift - acceleration, space - jump.

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