Do you want to fight with a zombie? The new i game Zombs.io is not only a fight, but a chance to defend, craft and survive. Choose your nickname, call your friends and start playing! Having become acquainted with the rules of this game, you will greatly facilitate your life. You will need to create your own mine to equip the base and protect yourself from the attack of monsters. Collect resources by using a pickaxe. All that is extracted by excessive work, will go to the defensive towers and other structures.

At the same time, you should hurry up with construction, as you will work only on day-to-day construction, and at night your enemies will appear - hungry zombies. Use this opportunity to replenish your gold reserves, like gold mining on newly built mines. Earned funds can be spent in the store to upgrade their buildings. Move the keys W, A, S, D, for work and attack use the left mouse click.

There are also additional controls, which are described in detail in the instructions. The game Zombs.io is interesting because you can combine a variety of genres, and all the action takes place in real time with real players. You can discuss your progress and achievements in the chat, and see your rating in the table.

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