Zone Royale | Zone Royale io

We are waiting for a struggle for life and death. The game Zone Royale io is a battle that lasts until the last one left alive. A huge open card, a mass of weapons and strong competitors — this is what awaits the player. Going towards adventure, do not forget to grab a couple of pistols with you. You can pick them up just in the boxes on the ground, but more than two units will not work. To change weapons for more powerful, you have to say goodbye to some old.

The game Zone Royale io has great potential. You can play as long as you can save life and health. You can recover from injuries with the help of first-aid kits, they should also be found in the boxes. There are all sorts of gain. Moving on the map, destroying the enemy and picking up improvements, you can raise your rating well.

Zone Royale io — is, above all, a battle in which you need to mercilessly destroy the enemy. To kill as many enemies as possible while remaining safe and sound, you need to use any tactics: wait, hide, attack unexpectedly. It is necessary to shoot aiming, but not to beat at random. Use acceleration when necessary. Control: mouse — move, left click — attack, W — run, Q — replace weapons.

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